Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Monday, June 18, 2018

6/20/18 Planning Board Agenda

June 20, 2018
7:00 PM
Council Chambers

1. Roll Call

2. General Business
a) Approval of minutes (6/6/18)
b) Approval Not Required – 77R, 85, and 85R Storey Avenue (2018-ANR-04)
c) Release of covenant – Hamilton Way (2010-DEF-01)

3. Public Hearings
 a) Port City Realty, LLC
 75 Parker Street
 Site Plan Review (2018-SPR-03)
 Continued from 6/6/18

4. Planning Office/Subcommittees/Discussion
a) Informal Discussion: OSRD Ordinance and Colby Farm
b) Other updates

5. Adjournment 

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