Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Excerpts from the 3/20/18 Conservation Commission Minutes

9. Other Business
The Hale Street Ad Hoc Committee will meet on Thursday, March 29.
Doug Muir will prepare a draft policy on conservation restrictions for the Commission. Included
would be requirements for baseline documentation and monitoring fees. It might be necessary
for the Planning Board to amend its ordinance to reflect the adoption of the policy.

The members discussed the City’s interest in acquiring parcels at the Colby Farm property in
addition to Parcel #8, which has been purchased. Parcels #1 and #7 would be of value to the
City for open space and associated parking. A developer is considering the purchase of lot #1
and two other parcels with the intention of constructing an OSRD with 12 duplexes along Crow
Lane. While lot #1 would be used to satisfy the open space requirement, some units are planned
for a portion of this lot, which would block access to the remainder of the parcel.

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