Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Excerpt from 11/28/17 ZBA Minutes- Famous Pizza & Minco's Condos on Waterfront West

b) Request for Minor Modification – 2 Storey Avenue (2014-079 and 2014-080)
Craig Douglas, architect, represented the applicant. At the last meeting the Board had a few issues with the request;
1. Landscape/Plantings: Planting beds were not specific and grass areas were to be artificial turf
and gravel. The applicants have taken artificial turf out completely and replaced with grass.
Plantings were shown on new plans/renderings with lower maintenance species identified. The
applicants propose to remove planting beds and concrete sidewalks around the building with
pavers for both aesthetics and drainage.
2. Area lights in the parking lot; the applicants propose two warm area lights with slightly angled
heads atop 20’ poles. A photo metrics study was presented, showing the average lumens on the
property at 2.81 lumens. The applicants noted that 2.4 lumens is considered medium and 3.6
lumens is considered high. The light would decrease as it moves toward the neighborhood. The
intension is pedestrian safety without washing out the neighborhood.
3. Gate; The applicants propose a gate on the backside of building the building, which is an alley.
This would be approximately 7’ high to match the height of the neighbor’s fence and would
provide security.
4. Awnings; A change from canvas to metal awnings was previously proposed, but they now intend
to keep the canvas as were approved.
Chair Ramsdell questioned the 20’ height for the lighting. Mr. Douglas explained that the lights are that high to angle steeply down and not cause glare or excess light toward neighbors.
Ms. Bourdeau asked if there were parking lot lights previously. Mr. Douglas explained that there were
flood lights off the building that directed toward Harnch’s way and neighbors.

Linda Lambert, 58 Merrimac Street
Ms. Lambert noted her support for the changes and commented on the new building being much nicer.

Stephanie Niketic, 93 High Street
Ms. Niketic was concerned with concerned abutters at a previous meeting not being present tonight.
Chair Ramsdell commented that it seemed their big concern was sound and light directed at neighbors.
Mr. Zaremba asked what the fencing materials would be used. The fence would be painted, noncorrosive metal.
Mr. Ciampitti commended the applicant, but wanted to hear more about the light posts and height, as it is an intensive commercial zone. Mr. Douglas noted that the poles would black and would not stand out. They could be lower, but to reach the edge of the property, there would be more potential glare off the property.
Mr. Ramsdell noted the older lights had much more glare.
Ms. Bourdeau clarified the lights parking lot lights would be off at night. The owners replied that lights would go out around 11pm when employees have left.
Motion to approve minor modifications for 2 Storey Avenue made by Mr. Ciampitti, seconded by Ms.
The motion passed unanimously.
Votes Cast:
Ed Ramsdell– approve
Robert Ciampitti – approve
Richard Goulet – absent
Renee Bourdeau – approve
Maureen Pomeroy – approve
Christopher Zaremba – approve

3. Public Hearings 
Address: 92R Merrimac Street
Dimensional Variance
Construct a multi-family building requiring variances for lot area, open space, height, and front- and
rear-yard setbacks
This hearing was continued from the 11/14/17 meeting.
Scott Cameron, Morin-Cameron Group, 66 Elm Street Danvers presented on behalf of MINCO
The applicants initially presented architectural plans and had some discussion with the Board. Since that time, they applicants have been meeting with the Planning Board on site plan review. They will be before Planning Board again next week. They have also had meetings with City staff and outside entities on allocation and use of open space on this project. Plans for the open space are not yet set in stone, but were presented to the Board, showing the space at the edge of the property presenting to the rail trail and would function as a safe harbor to rest and seek shade/shelter. Part of the proposed structure would extend over the open space for shade. Essex Heritage may also be interested in placing an informational kiosk here. Mr. Cameron noted that the applicants have eliminated the need for a heightvariance, but taking the building down a few feet. The applicants have also been looking at the difference between Waterfront West Overlay District (WWOD) versus Waterfront Mixed Use (WMU) and which is appropriate to apply to the proposed project. The applicants note that five points of relief would be sought for WWOD compare to eight points of relief for the WMU.
Chair Ramsdell explained that until Planning Board finishes and provides comments to ZBA, it is not
worth going into too much this evening as things could change. He noted that variances have become
quite difficult to attain in the City and the requests need to be well founded.

Ms. Pomeroy commented that the application is not complete, and they Board could not focus on things out of context and without comments from the Planning Board.
Linda Lambert, 58 Merrimac Street
Ms. Lambert was against the project. Her concerns included; setting a precedent for development on the waterfront, density, height, and open space. She commented that we should not change zoning to fit the project; they should change the project to fit the zoning.
Motion to continue application 2017-054 to 01/23/17 made by Ms. Bourdeau, seconded by Ms.
The motion passed unanimously.
Votes Cast:
Ed Ramsdell– approve
Robert Ciampitti – approve
Richard Goulet – absent
Renee Bourdeau – approve
Maureen Pomeroy – approve
Christopher Zaremba – non-voting

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