Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Friday, September 29, 2017

10/4/17 Planning Board Agenda- 1690 House, Clipper City Car Wash, Evergreen Commons

1. Roll Call

2. Continuation of Joint Public Hearing with the City Council’s Planning & Development
Committee and Committee of the Whole on Proposed Zoning Changes
a) Hotel/Inn (#105), Lodging House (#106), and B&B (#110) and short-term residential
rental unit changes

b) R3 to R2 map changes and associated dimensional changes

c) Inclusionary Affordable Housing
3. General Business
 a) Approval of Minutes (9/20/17)

4. Public Hearings
 a) Berkeley Investments c/o Lisa Mead, Esq.
 260, 268-270, 275-276 Merrimac Street
 Special Permit Amendment (2007-SP-03d2) - Continued from 9/20/17

 b) Clipper City Car Wash
 74 Storey Avenue
 Major Site Plan Review (2017-SPR-03) - Continued from 9/6/17

 c) Evergreen Commons LLC
 18 Boyd Drive and 5 Brown Avenue
 Definitive Subdivision (2017-DEF-01) and WRPD Special Permit (2017-SP-05) -
Continued from 9/20/17

d) Gorman Homes LLC
 32 Union Street
 Definitive Subdivision (2017-DEF-03) - Continued from 9/20/17
5. Planning Office/Subcommittees/Discussion
 a) Other Updates
 b) Election of officers

 c) Appoint CPC representative
6. Adjournment 

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