Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Excerpts from them Newburyport Conversation Commission - Little River Trail

Newburyport Conservation Commission 
January 5, 2016 
Senior/Community Center Board Room 

4. Old and New Business
Little River Nature Trail Proposal Informal Discussion Jerry Mullins intends to submit an application for a DCR grant for work related to the Little River watershed by February 1. The grant would be used to unify the trails through the area and re-route them away from the wetlands and vernal pools. Signage and kiosks would provide educational information on the importance of the Little River watershed, its recreational opportunities and the wildlife that inhabits the area. Boardwalks or steppingstones would be added to areas prone to flooding. While the WPA provides an exemption for certain publicly accessible trails in the buffer zone or riverfront area, only private trails are exempt under the local ordinance. A Notice of Intent with information on the impacts to the wetlands would be required. Julia Godtfredsen will prepare a draft letter of support for the grant for approval at the January 19 meeting.

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