Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Newburyport School Committee to decide on PARCC Exam on Tuesday

The Newburyport School Committee will host a public conversation on the PARCC exam on Tuesday night. Our school committee has the opportunity to continue using the MCAS exam or use the new PARCC exam next school year. They may make this decision on Tuesday night so if you have questions or concerns this is your opportunity to voice them.
  As a father of three in the school system, myself as well as other parents requested a public meeting to discuss this important decision. Cities around the state have been hosting public meetings about PARCC and the Common Core. PARCC has become controversial across the country and parents want more information. PARCC has been characterized as a test that is the equivalent of building a plane while in flight. Questions have been asked and the Superintendent has been honest and told us the State has few answers and is sending new information out daily about PARCC. Yes, they are building the plane while in flight for sure.
  In contrast the MCAS exam has been a gold standard for testing and has helped propel Massachusetts to one of the top states in the nation. Our Math and Science scores rival countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore. As a parent, I will encourage the school committee to retain the MCAS exam.

 School Committee Meeting 
Tuesday July 1, 6:30pm – 9:30pm 
NHS Room 118 Newburyport High School 
 6:30-7:30; Public Conversation: PARCC vs. MCAS Assessment 
7:30: Business Meeting 

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