Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Important Information regarding cancellation of shredding event

Important Information regarding cancellation of shredding event

Press Release             
April 18, 2018 
Contact:  Molly Ettenborough
Important Information regarding cancellation of shredding event
Newburyport –
Due to a change of ownership of the shredding company, the May 5 drop-off event at the Newburyport Recycling Center will NOT be offering document shredding.
Alternatives include a shredding event on Saturday, April 21 next to the Hampton Police Department, 100 Brown Avenue, Hampton, NH. This is a free event. The hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Also, on Saturday, May 5, there will be a fundraiser document shredding offered at the Union Congregational Church, 350 Main Street, Amesbury. The hours are 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The suggested donation is $5 per box.
The Newburyport Recycle Center will be open as usual on the first Saturday of May, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Residents may drop off anything with a cord or batteries, as well as cords and batteries, plus appliances (large and small), clean white Styrofoam, fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, mercury-containing items such as thermostats, smoke detectors, metal items (including grills and lawn mowers, tires, bicycles, motor oil, and antifreeze. Please drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers or the like. Some items require a fee. 
(See the City website or Health Department brochure for more detail.)
If you need any additional information please call the Office of Sustainability 978-499-0413.  

Excerpt from 3/21/18 Waterfront Trust Meeting Minutes

5. Chair’s Report
Steve Hines reported on the meeting with the NRA and Mayor Holaday on March 14.
On a positive note the mayor agreed to partner with the Trust for the Phase 1
environmental assessment. The Trustees were disappointed, however, the NRA members
voted to transfer parcels D1 and D2 to the Custom House Maritime Museum. NRA
attorney Carol Powers recommended D1 be conveyed to the CHMM in its entirely, rather
than transferring the waterside portion of the parcel to the Trust. In addition to her
concern about the length of the land court process, she believes dividing the parcel, as a
whole would make the conveyance as secure as possible against a lawsuit. She also
recommended an easement be immediately granted to the Waterfront Trust for the
waterside portion of the parcel. The Trust wishes to own the boardwalk and bulkhead
and has indicated an unwillingness to assume responsibility for the maintenance of
property it does not hold. Carol Powers and CHMM attorney Lisa Mead worked on an
agreement through which the WFT would buy back the waterside portion of D1 for the
sum of $1. Neither the Trustees nor their counsel were included in this discussion. The
Trustees would want this to be included as a part of the initial land transfer agreement
between the NRA and CHMM, not a later agreement between the CHMM and the WFT.
Included in the NRA vote to transfer D2 was the stipulation the land would revert to the
Trust if the CHMM wished to divest itself of the parcel and plans for the land could not
be undertaken until the expanded park has been designed. It was noted the NRA has not
asked the CHMM how it intends to fund the maintenance of this parcel.

Bob Uhlig has asked the Trust for a financial pro forma and a timeline for a park
design and the revisions to the Trust document. Wilbur Shenk has prepared an action
plan. He said there are six outstanding items to be resolved before the MOU is signed.
He suggested the Trustees meet with Everett Chandler to ensure the survey includes all of
the elements of concern to the Trust. The Trust amendments, survey and Phase 1
environmental assessment do not need to be completed before the MOU is signed. Grace
Connolly was instructed to continue drafting the MOU and amendments to the Trust
document. The final design of the expanded park will not be included in the MOU.
While input of the Trustees and public would be necessary, the Trustees are in favor of
the NRA issuing the RPFs for the design after the MOU has been signed.

A discussion took place on banning dogs in the park and on the boardwalk. Their waste
causes odors and presents a health issue. Suggestions included keeping dogs off the grass
in July and August, pressure washing the boardwalk and creating a defined dog area. A
smoking ban was also discussed. No consensus was reached and the issue will be
revisited at a future meeting.

Public Meeting to Discuss Raising Resident Parking Fees and Extending Paid Parking Hours

The Budget and Finance Committee of the City Council is meeting on Thursday, April 19th at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers on Parking Fees and Lot Hours. Public comments will take place in the beginning of the meeting. If you can not make the meeting, feel free to send your thoughts to the city council members who are on the committee (Afroz Khan, Charlie Tontar and Sharif Zeid).  ORDR020_04_09_18 can be found on page 47 of the following link for the city council packet. Another order follows on extending paid parking hours in the lots from 6pm to 8pm.

This is a public meeting open to all. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Whittier Bridge/I-95 Improvement Project- Update

Whittier Bridge/I-95 Improvement Project

Newburyport, Salisbury, & Amesbury – Route 286, I-495, Route 113, and I-95  Overnight Ramp and Lane Closures, April 23-27

MassDOT’s contractor, Walsh-McCourt JV1, will close the following ramps and lanes for nighttime milling operations:

Ramp closures (see detour routes, below):

(1) I-95 Southbound Exit 58 ramp to Route 110 – Monday, April 23, from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning

(2) Route 110 Eastbound to ramp I-95 Southbound – Tuesday, April 24, from 8:00 PM to 4:30 AM the following morning

(3) Route 110 Westbound to ramp I-95 Southbound – Wednesday, April 25, from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning

(4) I-95 Northbound Exit 58A ramp to 110 Eastbound – Wednesday, April 25, from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning

(5) I-95 Northbound to Exit 58B ramp to 110 Westbound – Thursday, April 26, from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning

(6) Route 110 Westbound to ramp I-95 Northbound - Friday, April 27, from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM the following morning

Overnight lane closures are from 8:00 PM each night to 5:00 AM the following morning (unless otherwise noted):

Detour Routes

1. Detour for Exit 58 on I-95 Southbound ramp to Route 110:

Take I-95 Southbound to Exit 57. Turn left onto Route 113 Eastbound, turn left onto ramp I-95 Northbound to Exit 58 A/B.

2. Detour for Route 110 Eastbound to ramp I-95 Southbound:

Proceed onto Route 110 Eastbound, turn left onto Rabbit Road North. Turn left onto Route 286 West then turn right on to I-95 Southbound ramp.

3. Detour for 110 Westbound to on-ramp to I-95 Southbound:

Take Route 110 Westbound turn right onto Elm Street. Turn right onto Monroe Street. Take left onto on-ramp to I-95 Southbound.

4. Detour for Exit 58A on I-95 Northbound to Route 110 Eastbound:

Take I-95 Northbound to Exit 60. Turn right onto Main Street. Continue onto Rabbit Road. Continue to Route 110.

5. Detour for Exit 58B on I-95 Northbound to Route 110 Westbound:

Take I-95 Northbound to Exit 60. Turn right onto Main Street. Continue onto Rabbit Road. Turn right onto Route 110.

6. Detour for Route 110 Westbound to on-ramp for I-95 Northbound:

Take Route 110 Westbound turn right onto Elm Street. Turn right onto Monroe Street. Take left onto ramp for I-95 Southbound.

MassDOT encourages drivers to avoid the area and seek alternate routes to minimize delays. Those traveling through the area should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution.

For more information, questions or concerns about the work, please contact Daniel Fielding, MassDOT Legislative Liaison, at 857-368-8959 or

For more information about the project, visit the website at View progress photos on MassDOT’s Whittier Bridge Flickr Album.

The schedule for this major infrastructure project is weather dependent and subject to change without notice.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yard Waste Opening Day

Newburyport Yard Waste Facility
The projected opening date for the Yard Waste site this year is Tuesday, April 10.  Once it is open our hours will be 7.30am -2.30pm Tuesday through Saturday.  
Crow Lane Yard Waste Facility:
  • Office of the Mayor

    Donna D. Holaday

    Newburyport City Hall

    60 Pleasant Street

    Newburyport, MA 01950

    Tel: 978.499.0413
    Fax: 978.465.4402
    Molly Ettenborough
    Recycling and Energy Manager

    To utilize the facility residents must purchase a sticker for their vehicle, which entitles them to the use of the facility for the calendar year. Stickers are sold only at the Crow Lane Yard Waste Facility, YWF. The fee is $20, or $5 for residents 65 years old.

  • Acceptable materials include leaves, mulch and garden waste (“compost material”) separated from shrub trimmings, tree twigs, branches and trunks up to 18" in diameter (“wood chip material”).  No dirt-covered stumps, stones, building wood, plastics or trash are accepted. It is helpful for compost material to be separated from wood chip material prior to arriving at the facility. Wood chip material, recycled separately from compost material, will be deposited on the right hand side as you enter the facility. Compost material will be deposited on the left hand side.

  • LANDSCAPERS, please note: Your permits are always available ONLY at City Hall in the Health Department.

Curbside Leaf Collection:     
  • FYI, curbside bagged leaf collection will take place on the Saturdays of the weeks of May 7 and 21st. Residents must place leaves in brown paper leaf bags or in marked barrels. Bags must be curbside by 6.00AM and contain only leaves.  Bags containing branches, plants, dirt, rocks or trash will be left behind and can be brought to the YWF.  

  • If you want to burn brush please call the Newburyport Fire Department at 978-465-4427 for permission, on a daily basis, based on wind, ground conditions, etc.
  • You must only burn brush.
  • Grass, hay, leaves and stumps are prohibited 
  • Burn period is between January 15 and May 1, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • The fire must be no less than 75 feet away from all structures
  • Have a water source on hand.
  • Keep fire suppression tools handy and monitor the burn at all times until it is completely out.

For additional information please see the City of Newburyport website, or contact the recycling and energy office, at 978-499-0413 or via e-mail at

Excerpts from the 3/20/18 Conservation Commission Minutes

9. Other Business
The Hale Street Ad Hoc Committee will meet on Thursday, March 29.
Doug Muir will prepare a draft policy on conservation restrictions for the Commission. Included
would be requirements for baseline documentation and monitoring fees. It might be necessary
for the Planning Board to amend its ordinance to reflect the adoption of the policy.

The members discussed the City’s interest in acquiring parcels at the Colby Farm property in
addition to Parcel #8, which has been purchased. Parcels #1 and #7 would be of value to the
City for open space and associated parking. A developer is considering the purchase of lot #1
and two other parcels with the intention of constructing an OSRD with 12 duplexes along Crow
Lane. While lot #1 would be used to satisfy the open space requirement, some units are planned
for a portion of this lot, which would block access to the remainder of the parcel.