Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yard Waste Facility Set to Open April 14 & Bagged Leaf Collection Starts the Week of April 20

The Newburyport Yard Waste Facility is expected to open for regular seasonal hours on Tuesday April 14 at 7:30 AM. If conditions improve sooner, we will try to open earlier, which we would announce via the City website, local media, and through the Yard Waste Facility email list.
Please drop off material only when the facility is open.
The Yard Waste Facility operates seasonally between April and December, Tuesdays through Saturdays from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Leaves, mulch and garden waste (“compost material”) separated from shrub trimmings, tree twigs, branches and trunks up to 18" in diameter (“wood chip material”) are accepted. No dirt-covered stumps, stones, building wood, plastics or trash are accepted. It is helpful for compost material to be separated from wood chip material prior to arriving at the facility.
Proof of residency is required to obtain the seasonal sticker for a vehicle registered to the resident.  Fees are $20.00 for residents under 65 and $5 for residents 65 and over. Stickers can be purchased at City Hall (during regular business hours) in the Health Department from Tuesday, March 31st to Friday, April 10th only.  As of Tuesday, April 14, when the facility opens, stickers for residents will be sold ONLY at the Yard Waste Facility. LANDSCAPERS, please note: Your permits are always available ONLY at City Hall in the Health Department.          
Curbside bagged leaf collection will take place during the weeks of April 20 and May 4th. Leaves must be curbside by 6:00AM on your regular trash days, although bags may be picked up on a later day.  Residents must place leaves in brown paper leaf bags or in marked barrels which contain ONLY leaves.  Bags containing branches, plants, dirt, rocks or trash will be left behind.
For more information about bagged leaf collection or the Yard Waste  Facility, please contact Molly Ettenborough, Recycling and Energy Manager, at  978-499-0413.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Colby Farm to be discussed at Community Preservation Committee Meeting

March 31, 2015 
City Hall Auditorium 
7:00 PM 

1. General Business 

 Approval of Minutes: 3/24/15

 2. FY 2016 Application Presentations for Community Preservation Funds 

 Open Space Reserve Fund Newburyport Open Space Committee $150,000 

 Bradley Fuller Athletic Complex Improvement and Expansion Friends of Newburyport Track and City of Newburyport $150,000 

 Cherry Hill Parcel B Soccer Field Improvement City of Newburyport and Newburyport Youth Soccer Association $150,000 

 Colby Farm Acquisition Newburyport Parks Commission $150,000 

 Inn Street Fountain Restoration & Interpretive Signage Office of Planning & Development, City of Newburyport $121,608 

3. Upcoming Schedule 

 Scheduled Application Review Meetings:
 o 4/09/15 – Police Station Conference Room 
o 4/28/15 – Police Station Conference Room 

4. Adjournmen

Plastic Bag Ban

The City would like to remind residents that Sunday March 29 will be the first day that Newburyport retailers will need to comply with the ban that affects which kinds of bags they distribute to customers. This ban is based on an ordinance approved last fall by the City Council.  The following link, within our website, has the ordinance, rules and regulations, and other related information -  
The ban applies only to thin film plastic bags with integral handles - that is, handles which are formed by cuts to the sheet of plastic from which the bag is made. Plastic bags with handles that have been attached are not affected by the ordinance, nor are plastic bags with no handles.
Most retail shops are subject to the ordinance. Restaurants are not included.
The City has been proactive in reaching out to the business community over the past several months and shop owners have been creative in finding alternatives. Many are selling reusable bags for $.99. Some stores are selling sturdy shopping bags for $.10. Most, if not all, stores have some sort of bag that meet these new requirements available at no cost.
It is important to note that reusable bags can be washed or rinsed in soapy water as needed. Most people find that their reusable bags can be used many times.  As was done last summer, there is another limited supply of free reusable bags available at City Hall. 
Other non-banned plastic bags, such as bread or newspaper bags, can be recycled but only at your local grocery store or at the Crow Lane Recycling Center. PLEASE note that NO plastic bags may be recycled via your curbside bin. The bags get caught in the gears of the sorting machinery, causing lots of down time at significant expense. The only exception to this rule is the very large clear bags sometimes used to contain recyclables.
If you have any questions, please call the Recycling and Energy Office at 978-499-0413. 

Whittier Bridge/I-95 Improvement Project - Overnight Closure of Route 110 WB & Lane Closure on I-95 NB

Massachusetts Department of TransportationTRAFFIC ADVISORY
For Immediate Release:                                                                                  
Friday, March 27, 2015
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will continue demolishing the northbound I-95 bridges over Route 110 and the abandoned railroad right-of-way just north of Route 110 in Amesbury. This work will take place on Monday throughThursday nights from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM through April.
During the week of March 30, Route 110 westbound under I-95 will be closed Monday through Thursday nights. Traffic on I-95 northbound destined for Route 110 westbound should use the following detour:
  • Take exit 60, then take the ramp to I-95 south to reach Route 110 west via exit 58.
MassDOT will also implement a right-lane closure on I-95 northbound between Route 113 in Newburyport and Route 110 in Amesbury during the day and night shifts on Monday, March 30 through Saturday, April 4. Two travel lanes will be maintained on I-95 northbound at all times.
MassDOT encourages drivers to avoid the area and seek alternate routes to minimize delays. Those traveling through the area should expect delays and should reduce speed and use caution. 
For more information, questions or concerns about the work, please contact Daniel Fielding, MassDOT Legislative Liaison, at857-368-8959 or  
For more information about the project, visit the website at View progress photos on MassDOT’s Whittier Bridge Flickr Album:  
The schedule for this major infrastructure project is weather dependent and subject to change without notice. 

Title VI Notice of Nondiscrimination: MassDOT complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related federal and state statutes and regulations. It is the policy of MassDOT to ensure that no person or group of persons shall on the grounds of Title VI protected categories, including race, color, national origin, or under additional federal and state protected categories including sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, creed, ancestry, veteran's status (including Vietnam-era veterans), or background, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity administered by MassDOT. To request additional information about this commitment, or to file a complaint under Title VI or a related nondiscrimination provision, please contact MassDOT's Title VI Specialist by phone at (857) 368-8580, TTY at (857) 368-8580, fax (857) 368-0602 or by e-mail

If information is needed in another language, please contact the MassDOT Title VI Specialist by phone at (857) 368-8580.

Caso esta informação seja necessária em outro idioma, favor contar o Especialista em Título VI do MassDOT pelo fone 857-368-8580.
Si necesita información en otro lenguaje, favor contactar al especialista de MassDOT del Título VI al 857-368-8580.
如果需要使用其它语言了解信息,请联系马萨诸塞州交通部(MassDOT)《民权法》第六章专职人员,电话 857-368-8580
如果需要使用其它語言了解信息,請聯系馬薩諸塞州交通部(MassDOT)《民權法》第六章專職人員,電話 857-368-8580

MassDOT Logo  Questions?
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colby Farm- Newburyport Conservation Commission Meeting Notes March 3, 2015

8. Old and New Business
Colby Farm Land Acquisition
The Parks Commission submitted a CPA application for the acquisition of the Colby Farm property.

Paul Healy moved to approve a letter drafted by Julia Godtfredsen to the Community Preservation Committee supporting the acquisition of Lot 8 due to it significance in wetland protection and habitat provision and the open space and recreation opportunities it offers.

Doug Muir seconded the motion.

The motion was unanimously approved.

The Commission discussed the desirability of having a member on the Open Space Committee or holding a joint meeting with the committee members.

Saturday, March 21, 2015




The Baker Administration announced today that it has established a “Winter Recovery Assistance Program” that will provide cities and towns with $30 million in funding this spring to repair potholes and other damage to roads, bridges and signs caused by the punishing winter.

"This winter's record-setting snowfall has left our cities and towns with a major maintenance deficit that needs to be addressed immediately," Lt. Governor Polito said in a statement on Thursday. "This program provides municipalities with additional resources to accelerate those repairs and make our roadways safer for everyone."

The $30 million for cities and towns will be allocated to municipalities using the Chapter 90 formula. The program will allow municipalities to seek reimbursement on expenditures related to potholes, pavement cracking, surface defects, paving projects, guardrails, storm drains, line striping, and repair or replacement of damaged signs.

MassDOT officials have outlined the following details: 1) the program will be implemented this month, with all qualifying work completed by June 30, 2015; 2) the department will issue one-time contracts with municipalities allowing them to draw down their share of the $30 million for the specific purpose of road and facility repairs; 3) these contracts will include a “use it or lose it” clause to ensure that funds are spent and projects are completed by June 30 and 4) all work invoices must be provided to MassDOT by July 15, 2015 and MassDOT will reimburse cities and towns as invoices are received.

Cities and towns will be receiving official notification and information on this program within the next several days.  Click here to view the WRAP apportionment list and rules and regulations, which detail how the $30 million will be apportioned to each city and town. [ ]

This year’s harsh winter has damaged local roads, generated countless potholes and placed a huge burden on local taxpayers as municipal leaders work to shore up their crumbling roadways. Communities will put these funds to immediate use rebuilding and repairing roads, equipment and facilities in every corner of Massachusetts, which will save money, help our economy and improve public safety.

  This is very good news for cities and towns, and the MMA applauds Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, Secretary Pollack and MassDOT for this important program!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

CVS- Storey Avenue Project- Update (Meeting with Mass Department of Transportation)

Today Tropic Star Development met with MassDOT to discuss their project and the proposed changes to Storey Avenue, which is a state owned road. The City of Newburyport was represented by City Planner Andy Port and City Councilor Bob Cronin. Councilor Cronin attended representing myself (I had to work) and the Traffic Advisory Board. 

I asked Councilor Cronin to discuss the need for a trip line across Russell Terrace to control the traffic lights thus allowing the neighbors a safe way to take a left onto Storey Avenue. The members of MassDOT appeared to understand the need. Also, we asked the MassDOT to review the left hand turn proposed by Tropic Star exiting the new gas station. This concerns many of us and will be a dangerous exit if allowed. Councilor Cronin will be following this up with a letter to the MassDOT on these subjects. 

MassDOT has the final say on the matter and we will have to wait until they release their reports for their decision on these issues.